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Master of Three Realms English Subbed and Dubbed
Three centuries ago, this man was a powerful emperor, but he ended up being assassinated by his own fiancée the night before their wedding. Three hundred years later, he somehow managed to defy fate and got reincarnated and thus began his journey to cultivate forbidden Supreme Arts and awaken his Divine Meridians! Now, he isn’t going to let anyone get in his way.
Alternative Names
Master of Three Realms, Chúa Tể Tam Giới, Dominate the Three Realms, King of the Realms, Penakluk 3 Dunia, Zhu Zai San Jie, 主宰 三界, 主宰三界, 주재삼계, 주재삼계 절세 강자 환생기, 주재삼계: 절세 강자 환생기
Episode List
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