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Type: Ona

Sword Dance Online

He was a part of the top 10 players in the beta test for “Sword Dance Online”, but when he was put into a vegetative state after the car accident, he became a monster in the game. After endless amounts of time spent getting stronger, he soon struck terror to the noobs of the server and encountered affectionate situations with countless women.


Bai Lian Feisheng Lu

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Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu 2nd Season

The second season of Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu.


I lived in seclusion for 100,000 years

Two hundred thousand years ago, Emperor Xuantian was born, invincible in the world! One hundred thousand years later, Emperor Xuantian retired at his peak, leaving behind an undefeated legend! No one knew that Chen Xuan chose to live in seclusion because the system was broken and he was unable to continue to break through. He was worried that he would be overtaken by his enemies sooner or later, and he would not be safe at the end of the day. But on this day, the little sect under him back then…


Wu Liuqi: Anying Suming

The protagonist Wu Liuqi originally lived a carefree life on Xiaoji Island, but his identity became a mystery due to amnesia. As outsiders landed on the island and recognized Wu Liuqi, various conspiracies began to cover Xiaoji Island. So Wu Liuqi decided to return to Xuanwu Kingdom to meet his destiny in order to protect his partners and their homeland.


Invincible Beautiful Doctor: Prince Be My Man

A modern female doctor suffers a car accident, and she is nothing more than a peerless beauty. She even traveled through ancient times and became a beggar that everyone yelled at. He was arrested in the brothel when he first arrived, but unexpectedly learned that the owner of the brothel was actually the prince of the dynasty? But the master who rescued me was too abstinent. Black-bellied arrogant son of iceberg? Warm as jade, warm-hearted master, watch me eat and wipe clean one by one!


Starting from Gu Huoniao: Dragon City Hegemony

Li Yan, who was terminally ill, entered the bizarre world of Yan Fu by chance, and became a strong man step by step by virtue of his hard work. In the process of walking through the worlds of Jammu, he also began to discover the real secrets of this world.


I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies

What should you do if transmigrated to a fantasy world and has become a son called the Great traitor of the human race! Don’t worry, looking at his infinite epiphany system, all Bai Mo needs to do is to make others jealous of him! No matter what kind of exercises and cheats, as long as someone is jealous of him, Bai Mo can start an epiphany and let himself practice it to perfection in an instant! So Bai Mo raised a lot of big villains around him, and occasionally molested then. He liked to watch his enemies jealous and resentful of him, but he couldn’t do it himself!


The Emperor of Creation

A worthless youth with the title of ‘sleeping god’ had unlocked an outlandish martial arts from a blessing in disguise. From then on, a genius with incomparable strength, crushes the heavens and the earth, and split the stars with his sword, all other geniuses trembles at his feet.


Xu Jing Zhong Gou

In 3022, the blue star was invaded by alien civilizations, and countless war machines came here through the teleportation site. The war machines crazily narrowed the search range, and Xia Zhixu was resisting some kind of erosion… The team sent by the cosmos federation—— Alpha-300 appeared in front of him at the same time. “The magic or advanced civilization technology you can imagine actually exists.” Chen Xingyao said this. She claimed to be from the Cosmic Federal Picket Team – using a visual technology panel for task communication, item storage, and skill use. In the series of dangerous situations, Xia Zhixu found a lot of doubts and decided to join Alpha-300 to become stronger and explore the truth.