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Genre - Comic

A Lord Who Doesn't Mind Being A Lord

Shock! Lide, the most fishy lord in history, actually did such an outrageous thing in order to recruit his subordinates! Three blond-haired female knights, demon mixed-blood magicians, internal affairs staff of unknown gender... He will not refuse any of them!


Spirit Master

Popular cartoonist because of a mysterious phone through to their own cartoon world, in the magical world of human and spirit coexistence, the incarnation of bald-headed supporting actor Wang Xiaoming and his companions embark on an adventure story.


i Got God Pulse In Beginning,Invincible

The young Shen Xiang obtained the supreme inheritance, obtained the spirit of the contrary heaven, learned the magic of the world, mastered the super Dan, when others are still in trouble for cultivation, Shen Xiang found himself invincible