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The Sect Leader’s Odd Journey English Subbed and Dubbed
Liu Chengfeng woke up in a coffin after he died. He took over the body of a deceased sect leader who shared the same name with him. What stood before him were the desolate remains of the Sect of Villains thanks to the destruction rained down by the heroes of the world. In an ironic twist of events, his soul was bound to the Samaritan System. The wheels of fate had started to turn, and Liu Chengfeng, whether he liked it or not, must complete the quests set by this mysterious system. His job? Raise powerful disciples, turn his sect’s infamy around, expand the sect, and turn it into the greatest sect on Xuanhui Continent. No pressure.
Alternative Names
掌门不对劲, The Sect Leader's Odd Journey, Zhang Men Bu Dui Jin, 掌門不對勁, 掌门不对劲, The head is wrong,Shadows of Virtue: The Tale of Liu Chengfeng, Unconventional Villain
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