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I Have a Dragon in My Body English Subbed and Dubbed
Heavenly Emperor, back in the middle school era, he was surprised to find that he had more than one dragon. When you are very weak, in the face of intimidation, would you fiercely fight or obey? In his last life, he obeyed, but in this world he is the ruler of the city, overturning the city, covering the clouds, there is only one thing in his heart: I am the king!
Alternative Names
Dragon In My Body ,The Dragon Within Me ,Trên Người Ta Có Một Con Rồng, 我身上有条龙, 我身上有條龍, 重生归来:直接无敌, Return After Rebirth: Directly Invincible, Accidentally Became Invincible,Return After Rebirth: Accidentally Became Invincible
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