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I Can’t Be Sword God English Subbed and Dubbed
Li Chu traveled to Shilipo through time and became a young Taoist. In this world where ghosts were rampant and monsters were raging, weak and helpless Li Chu wanted to just live in Shilipo for the rest of his life. Until one day, when he had no choice but to go out into the world, he discovered… It turned out that everything in the world could be solved with one slash! If not, he would solve it with two slashes!
Alternative Names
I Can't Be Sword God, I Can't Be the Sword God, Wo Bu Ke Neng Shi Jian Shen, Wǒ Bù Kě Néng Shì Jiàn Shén, 我不可能是剑神, I can't be the sword god, 我不可能是劍神, 劍神只想苟, I can't be the God of Swords ,The God of Swords only wants to be humble,
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